MMSUFAAI President’s Report 2018

Report delivered by Hon.

Report delivered by Hon. BISMARK ANGELO A. QUIDANG, FAAI President and Alumni Regent last 15 November 2018 during the Alumni Governing Board Assembly at the University Function Hall, MMSU, City of Batac

The past three years after obtaining my new mandate from the Governing Board will be considered as one of the pivotal moments of my life and the life of the MMSU Federated Alumni Association Incorporated. I say this because it is in these years that major decisions were made and big, tangible projects were realized. The federation has reached far and wide – winning the hearts at the grassroots and conquering lands which are miles away. As its President – and your President – I have the humble privilege to narrate the story of the FAAI during these past golden three years that reflects individual and collective narratives of common experiences.

Adopting the seven-point agenda of the current MMSU administration, let me then walk you down memory lane as I bare the diverse accomplishments that we have ACHIEVED together:

The planning and implementation for the Alumni Financial Assistance Program is considered one of the salient contributions of the FAAI towards ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. With this scheme, we were able to support 32 undergraduate students in pursuing bright ideas through their theses. Similarly, we were able to realize the dreams of 17 alumni who were buckled up to take the Licensure Examinations. The AFAP is considered a milestone in the history of the Federation as it directly extended its hand to those who will become our future comrades-in-arms who are expected to promise their never-ending love to their Alma Mater. As we look after this group of budding alumni members, we also regarded the efforts and recognized the feats hurdled by our brothers and sisters in their chosen careers by tendering the Awarding of Distinguished Alumni last January 2018 during the University’s Ruby Foundation Anniversary celebrations. By making this move, we made ALUMNI EXCELLENCE stand out from the crowd. With this, it is hoped that the mentioned programs will be sustainable to realize their respective noble purposes.

One might wonder as to what is the achievement of the FAAI towards CREATING RELEVANT AND INNOVATIVE RESEARCHES. Well, with the hiring of two (2) competent office staff members that are under the payroll of the federation and the distribution of laptops to the Alumni Coordinators way back January 13, 2012, the FAAI has staunchly supported and backed the University’s graduate tracer survey (GTS) program. As a mandatory project implemented by the Commission on Higher Education, the GTS became instrumental in tracking the location and job placement of our dear alumni and extracting precious comments and suggestions in improving the services of their Alma Mater with regards to addressing the mismatch between the academe and the industry. To date, 85% of the alumni body for the last 5 years is traced since January 2018, which generated conclusions and recommendations that are helpful in crafting policies and curricula that are sensitive and responsive to the call of the times.

In the realm of conducting HIGH-IMPACT EXTENSION AND OUTREACH PROGRAMS, the FAAI reports its efforts in coming up with ways to reach out to the communities the best way it can. Its involvement in medical missions and gift-giving endeavors are testaments to the unselfish sharing of blessings from the alumni group to the common Juan, Juana, Juanito, and Juanita dela Cruz. While these programs deal with tangible things and technical services that were endowed to the community, the FAAI also partnered with the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) in initiating and running intellectual extension through the Balik-Alumni Program – wherein alumni who are experts in their field talk about technical matters that could help students understand their degree programs in a more professional and practical light. The other project is the Alumni Success Stories, which seeks to inspire students to strive more towards success from the narratives of invited alumni who has succeeded in their chosen fields.

IMPROVED INCOME-GENERATION AND RESOURCE ALLOCATION is one of the highlights of this current FAAI administration. I am elated to tell you that we in the Federation has fought tooth and claw to realize big endeavors from small beginnings. During the early part of our leadership, we have funded the implementation of programs to show that the organization truly functions. However, as time went by, we felt that it is difficult to sustain these programs if we will do routine fund-raising activities by approaching benevolent alumni-sponsors, as well as exist from a meager amount of membership fees. The FAAI literally racked its brains in coming up with better strategies, and ventured on investing funds to build infrastructure that is envisioned to sustain the worthwhile projects that we are having right now. As such, we solicit the understanding of our fellow alumni as to why we are entering the hibernation mode in implementing projects towards the end of our term. This is because we are again setting to greater heights by looking at the bigger picture in scaling up our investments. The one project that started it – the Alumni ID program – has been sustained and its privileges extended to more establishments. To this, we owe much to the PVC card bearing our insignia of belongingness as Stallion-alumni.

As we set our eyes beyond the seas, the FAAI answered the call for EXPANDED EXTERNAL LINKAGES AND PARTNERSHIPS through the co-establishment of MMSU Global. Launched last June 2018, this organization composed of alumni, retirees, and former employees of the University in all parts of the world came together to celebrate oneness in the spirit of supporting the plans and endeavors of the current MMSU administration. This, I believe, will pave the way to a new dawn of support and unity towards the betterment of the University. Not to forget those in the local scene, we have networked with one of the formidable forces that control the crucible of governance in the land through able and willing alumni – the Senate of the Philippines together with the House of Representatives. Linking with congressmen and senators, we at the Federation helped in raising monetary pledges to erect and improve significant edifices in the University. To these, we thank all our partners local and global in being one with us in expressing our deep gratitude to the school who nurtured our young minds and compassionate hearts. I will never forgive myself if I will not mention the precious link between the FAAI and the alumni chapters with the former alumni coordinators, who served as the lifeblood of the Federation. Without them, there will be no trickling down of plans and projects from top management to the grassroot members. To all of you, I express my gratitude and execute my snappy salute on behalf of the other members of the alumni group.

It is without question that the FAAI strongly buried the hatchet in terms of its support to the VIBRANT, NURTURING, AND CULTURALLY-SENSITIVE ENVIRONMENT that the University is currently rallying for. The erection of the first Alumni Villa along the shores of the College of Aquatic Sciences and Applied Technology in Currimao is an evidence to show that the Federation is indeed walking the talk. Unfolded as a plan last April 10, 2017, the structure was built starting June 23, 2017 and is now ready to be laden with furniture and utilities. This will serve as one of the investments that I am talking about earlier in terms of income-generation. While the mentioned project will primarily cater to alumni who opt to stay for a while along the West Philippine Sea, the Multi-Purpose Hall that is currently being built in the proposed MMSU Village will directly cater to both students and employees. Solicited from the Ang Kabuhayan Party-list Representative Dennis Laogan and constructed through the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), this building is proposed to house a convenience store, a canteen, and a computer shop that would at least solve the problem of accessibility to goods and services by those living in the Village. We are praying that these plans will be put into full implementation soon.

The EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that MMSU is raising as a standard is upheld by the FAAI in terms of forging a strong and harmonious relationship with the current Administration through the ARO. With a fellow Stallion-alumna at the helm, Dr. Shirley C. Agrupis, the FAAI continues its mutually-beneficial and fruitful bond with the University. With this, we have made the MMSUFAAI Constitution and By-Laws ironclad as it was legally ratified for the first time since it was penned. By amending important clauses such as the increase in membership fees, the Federation assured that there are more funds to be collected to maintain the smooth operations of the FAAI office and its programs. Kudos to Harley, Arcel, and Michelle, our staff – who are our arms and legs in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the FAAI. We pray that you will stay long with us. Of course, we acknowledge the efforts exerted by our liaison in the University, the Chief or the ARO – Prof. Ciriaco T. Ragual. Thank you for your untiring devotion to the alumni association.

As I have started thanking some important figures that are instrumental to the success of the FAAI for the past three years, let me take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the members of #TeamFAAI and others who have shared their precious time, effort, and resources to make the Federation attain its current status:

    • To Prof. Ryan Dean T. Sucgang, our Secretary, who not only ensured that Federation records and documents are intact, but also acted as the Project Leader to all the infrastructures that were erected – and in the process delved into their unique nitty-gritty;

    • To Mr. Leonardo Pascua and Dr. Teodorico Parbo, our Vice President and Peace Officer respectively, for being our second fathers in the Federation who were in charge of looking into the Constitution and By-Laws, as well as all policies and guidelines pertaining to plans and programs of the Federation;

    • To Dr. Janet Rivera and Prof. Suerte Dy, our Treasurer and Auditor respectively, who were instrumental in safeguarding the monetary soundness of our organization, and eventually reaching a very high level of financial independence;

    • To SBM Maynard Francis Bumanglag, our Business Manager, who was our partner in approaching friends in Congress as we lobby for funds and endorsements for the benefit of FAAI programs;

    • To Dr. Meejay Domingo, our other Peace Officer, for being a strong link and partner embodying the alumni spirit in reaching out to internal and external partners being the current Director for External Partnerships and Linkages;

    • To Ms. Norma Lagmay, our PIO, whose ideas would have been precious pearls of thought had she seized the opportunity to participate during FAAI meetings and deliberations;

    • To the MMSU Administration, faculty, staff, and students, headed by Dr. Shirley C. Agrupis, who believed that the alumni group is a force to reckoned with and thus was afforded with respect;

    • To the former Alumni Coordinators and the current Alumni Focal Persons, who has been with us all throughout our alumni journey as bridges to the individual alumni members;

    • To the officers of the alumni chapters, who in one way or another supported the plans and programs of the Federation by implementing efforts that are parallel to the objectives of the FAAI;

    • To our alumni-benefactors, sponsors, patrons, and friends who extended their helping hand for us to pull ourselves up to another higher level of service;

    • To all alumni far and near who carried the torch of excellence as they proudly display the so-called Stallion pride;

    • Most of all, to our Almighty Father, who looks into the destiny of men and nations, showers blessings to all His creations, and assures us “not to become afraid” when adversaries and challenges reveal themselves in times when we do not expect.

My fellow alumni members, I will not beat around the bush at this point. I firmly believe that the current #TeamFAAI has done its job well as manifested by this report, and will continue to do a great job if given another chance at the helm of our organization. I personally would like to seek for a fresh mandate to make sure that all our collective efforts will see the light of day. Together, #TeamFAAI would like to bare some of its future plans if it gets to have a new shot at leadership. These are, among others, the following:

    • Build at most another two (2) villas as we support the ecotourism efforts of MMSU, CASAT, and the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte. This will also become additional income-generating projects that would sustain our vital programs.

    • Erect a Function Hall in CASAT that would complement the Alumni Villas.

    • Manage the operations of the proposed establishments housed at the Multi-Purpose Hall.

    • Continue to become a potent force in deliberating University policies at the Board of Regents.

    • Maintain its support to the current Administration and to its leader who is considered the top Stallion.

With this, I hope that I gave justice to the time allotted to me in front today and to the time allotted to #TeamFAAI for the past three years. We pray that we continue to be with you as another chapter of the MMSU FAAI chronicles unfold today. Thank you very much, vote wisely, and may we have a blessed election.

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