Balik-Alumni Program

Balik-Alumni Program is one of the programs of the Alumni Relations Office which primarily involves successful and accomplished alumni who come back to their Alma Mater and share their love and services in different ways.

The program aims to:

  1. strengthen the linkages between the alumni and the university;
  2. strengthen the role of the alumni in the attainment of the objectives of the MMSU Federated Alumni Association Inc. and the Alumni Relations Office;
  3. promote interaction among alumni of the university;
  4. tap alumni to support/assist the projects and programs of the Alumni Relations Office and
  5. collaborate with alumni to carry out the mission of the university

The alumni can offer the following services, among others, in BAP.

  1. They can become speakers, trainers, lecturers or demonstrators of relevant issues, concerns and strategies which could benefit the current students, faculty members and administrators and other alumni of the university.
  2. They can even share books, reading materials, instructional materials for the students and teachers.
  3. They can become benefactors/ sponsors of our financially incapable students through the scholarship program of the Alumni Relations Office.
  4. They can become donors of cash to support the activities and programs of the office.
  5. They can become donors of facilities or equipment for instructional purposes, recreational or for general purposes which may benefit the students, faculty and alumni of the college.
  6. They too, can become the university's linkage to other agencies/institutio ns who can offer similar services.

The alumni can share their blessings through this program as many times as they can and as many ways as possible.

The reward of the Balik-alumni who generously respond to the program is a Certificate or Plaque of Recognition. Their names and noble services shall be recorded and documented as a permanent record of their love and generosity for their Alma Mater.

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Tel #: (077) 792-4159 loc 146