Requirements before claiming Alumni ID or Discount Card

Things to consider before claiming the Alumni ID or Discount Card: 1.

Things to consider before claiming the Alumni ID or Discount Card:

1. Log-in to the alumni site (use your email and password you registered)

2. Click My Profile Menu

3. Click Update Profile Information and Update Profile Picture with 2x2 ID picture (white background with name tag)

4. Fill in correct data in textbox provided, click Save details button below to continue editing your profile until you are done w/ the ff: Account Information, Education, Eligibility, Employment, Organizations, Publications and Awards.

5. Go back to HOME page, click the Graduate Tracer Study and answer the e-GTS Open Survey Form until you are done w/ the ff: a) Educational Background (Educational Attainment, Practices, Services Program);b) Advance Studies; c) Employment Data; d) Curriculum Assessment

6. Go back to Alumni Home page and Log-out your account

7. You may now proceed to the ARO and claim your Alumni ID (Pls. bring w/ you your Alumni ID Claim Slip)

Note: In case you cannot come personally, you may request a representative to take your ID provided, there is an issued authorization letter to the representative, ID claim slip and all requirements above have already been accomplished.

Qualification: MMSU Graduate from Batch 1978 to Batch 2003 Nominations: Anyone from the MMSU faculty, non-teaching staff, or alumni may submit a nomination, accompanied by a picture and curriculum vitae of the nominee. Such nomination shall be...

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